• Product Name: Dioctyl Phthalate DOP
  • Other Name: DOP Plasticizer
  • Appearance: transparent oily liquid
  • Purity: ≥99.5%
  • CAS No: 117-81-7
  • HS Code: 29173920
  • MF: C24H38O4

What is Dioctyl Phthalate DOP

Dioctyl phthalate DOP, an organic ester compound, is one of the most commonly used plasticizers. DOP plasticizer is a transparent oily liquid with no visible impurities in appearance, which is insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents such as ethanol, ether, mineral oil, etc. As the most widely used plasticizer in industry, DOP as good compatibility with most synthetic resins and rubbers used in industry. It has good comprehensive performance, good mixing performance, high plasticizing efficiency, low volatility, good low temperature flexibility, water extraction resistance, high electrical performance, good heat resistance and weather resistance.

Dioctyl Phthalate DOP Plasticizer Uses

DOP chemical is a general-purpose plasticizer. It is mainly used in the processing of polyvinyl chloride resin. It can also be used in the processing of high polymers such as chemical fiber resin, acetate resin, ABS resin and rubber, as well as paint making, dyes, dispersants, etc.

General purpose dioctyl phthalate DOP. Widely used in plastics, rubber, paint and emulsifier industries. PVC plasticized with it can be used to make artificial leather, agricultural films, packaging materials, cables, etc. It can also be used in nitrocellulose paint to give the paint film elasticity and higher tensile strength. In a variety of synthetic rubbers, this product also has a good softening effect. In addition, DOP is also used as a condensing agent, a friction reducer, an organic solvent, and a gas chromatography stationary liquid.

Electrical dioctyl phthalate DOP. In addition to all the properties of general-purpose DOP, it also has good electrical insulation properties, and is mainly used to produce wires and electricity.

Food grade dioctyl phthalate DOP. Mainly used in the production of food packaging materials. But because it is easily extracted by fat, it is not suitable for fatty food packaging materials.

Medical-grade dioctyl phthalate DOP. Mainly used in the production of medical and health products, such as disposable medical appliances and medical packaging materials.

Features of DOP Plasticizer

  • High plasticizing efficiency, fusion rate.
  • Good low volatility, UV-resisting property, water-extracting proof, cold-resisting property.
  • Excellent softness and electric property.

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