• Product Name: PVC Paste Resin
  • Other Name: PVC Emulsion Resin
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Main Types: P-440, P-450
  • CAS No: 9002-86-2
  • HS Code: 3904109001
  • MF: (C2H3CL)n

What is PVC Paste Resin

PVC paste resin, also known as PVC emulsion resin, is an aggregate of latex particles with a particle size of 0.1 to 2.0 pm. It is white fine powder in appearance. After mixing the polyvinyl chloride with plasticizer, a stable suspension can be formed by stirring, which is made into PVC paste, PVC plastisol, or PVC sol. PVC emulsion resin is used in these forms to process into final products. In the process of making paste, various fillers, diluents, heat stabilizers, foaming agents and light stabilizers are added according to the needs of different products.

The development of PVC paste resin industry provides a new type of liquid material that becomes a polyvinyl chloride product only by heating. This kind of liquid material is easy to configure, stable in performance, easy to control and use, excellent in product performance, good in chemical stability, easy to color, and also has certain mechanical strength. So it is widely used in water pipe, chemical pipe, PVC trunkings and plastic doors, cable wire, packing film, plastic carpet, plastic ceiling, sanitary fitting, plastic wall paper etc.

Average polymerization degree1450±2001000±150
Number of impurity particles ≤2020
Volatile %≤0.40.4
Brookfield viscosity 10-3Pa.S (50r/min, Resin : DOP=100:60) ≤50007000
Sieving rate (greater 0.063μ m mesh) %≤11
VCM Residue (μg/g) ≤1010

General purpose resin of medium weight, whose degree of polymerization of about 1500 and K value of 73 -75, with good transparency, thermal stability, water resistance and weather ability. 

Main Applications: Non-foamed and slightly-foamed artificial leather, which can be used to spray and dye metal coating, glass fibers, dipping and general-purpose products.

Paste resin of low molecular weight, whose degree of polymerization of about 1000 and k value of 65, with good foaminess and high – speed coating ability, and content filler can be added.

Main Applications: Foamed layer of elastic leather and wall paper, Floor, foamed.

Because of its excellent paste-forming properties and good dispersion properties, it is mainly used in the field of soft materials of PVC resin. It can be applied to coating, dipping, spraying, foaming and other processing technologies. Widely used in artificial leather, decorative materials, floor leather, wall paper, industrial conveyor belts, sports venues, toys, disposable medical gloves, daily decorative materials, electrical instruments, as well as many other materials and product fields.

In addition, it can also be used to formulate coatings, adhesives, inks and sealing materials.

PVC paste resin with fine particle size (0.02-0. 2pm) latex particles can be used for extrusion or calendering to produce pipes, profiles, plates, films, sheets, etc. It can also be used to produce microporous battery separators by sintering.

1. The processing equipment is inexpensive.

2. The mole is simple and cheap.

3. Easy to foam.

4. Can be made into special shapes.

5. The products can be processed with less number of heating times, and can be produced in small quantities and with multiple varieties.

6. Wide range of applications.

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