• Product Name: Dioctyl Terephthalate
  • Other Name: DOTP Plasticizer
  • Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
  • Purity: ≥99.5
  • CAS No: 6422-86-2
  • HS Code: 29173990
  • Chemical Formula: C24H38O4

Dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP), the transparent oily liquid, is insoluble in water, but easily soluble in general organic solvents. It is an organic compound with the molecular formula C24H38O4. DOTP is an excellent main plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics. Compared with the commonly used dioctyl phthalate (DOP), DOTP has the advantages of heat resistance, cold resistance, hard to volatilize, resistance to extraction, flexibility and electrical insulation properties, so DOTP shows excellent durability in products Performance, soap resistance and low temperature flexibility.

Main Features of Dioctyl Terephthalate (DOTP) Plasticizer

  • DOTP plasticizer has good electrical resistance and heat resistance. It can replace DOP in PVC wire sheath, and can also be used in the production of artificial leather film.
  • In addition, it has excellent compatibility and can also be used for plasticizing acrylonitrile derivatives, polyvinyl butyral, nitrile rubber, nitrocellulose, etc., and can also be used as a softener in NBR, Cr, EPDM, etc. .
  • It is widely used in various products requiring heat resistance and high insulation. DOTP is an ideal plasticizer for the production of cable materials with a temperature resistance of 70°C and other PVC products that require resistance to volatilization.
  • DOTP is used in PVC products of automobiles to solve the problem of fogging on glass windows.
  • Used as a high-quality lubricant or lubricant additive for high-end furniture and interior decoration paints, coatings and precision instruments, nitro varnish additives, paper softeners, polyester amide biaxially stretched films, film plastic crafts, plasma storage bags, etc.
  • Because the linear molecular structure of DOTP is similar to dos and DOA, it has better cold resistance.
  • The volume resistivity of Dioctyl Terephthalate (DOTP) is 10-20 times higher than that of DOP.
  • DOTP chemical does not contain phthalates, and it is not in the range of 16 phthalate plasticizers restricted by EU and other countries. Therefore, it belongs to an excellent environmentally friendly plasticizer.
AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
Flash point(℃)210
Volume resistivity *1010Ω.m≥2

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