• Product Name: Soda Ash
  • Other Name: Sodium Carbonate
  • Appearance: White crystal powder
  • Chemical Formula: Na2CO3
  • CAS No.: 497-19-8/7542-12-3
  • HS Code: 28362000
  • EINECS: 231-867-5
  • MOQ: 2 FCLs

Soda ash, also known as sodium carbonate or washing soda, is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Na2CO3. The classification belongs to salts, not bases. Sodium carbonate is a white crystalline powder, tasteless and odorless, easily soluble in water, the aqueous solution is strongly alkaline, it will absorb moisture and agglomerate in humid air, and part of it will become sodium bicarbonate. As an important inorganic chemical raw material and food additive, soda ash is mainly used in the production of flat glass, glass products and ceramic glaze. In addition, soda ash is also widely used in domestic washing, acid neutralization and food processing.

Depending on the bulk density of the product, it can be divided into soda ash dense (white little granular) and soda ash light (white crystalline powder). ⅠClass soda ash dense for special industrial. Suitable for manufacturing picture tube glass, float glass, optical glass, etc. Ⅱ Class soda ash for general industrial use. Including sodium carbonate light and sodium carbonate dense. As shown in the following parameter specifications:

ItemsⅡ DenseⅡ Light
Total Alkali99.499.299.2
(Quality Fraction of
Na2Co3 Dry Basis)%≥
Total Alkali98.197.997.9
(Quality Fraction of
Na2Co3 Wet Basis)%≥
(Quality Fraction of
Nacl Dry Basis)%≤
Fe Quality Fraction(Dry Basis)%≤0.00250.00350.0035
(Quality Fraction of
SO4 dry Basis)%≤
Water insoluble matter %≤
Bulk density (g/ml)≥0.850.90.9
Particle Size180 µm sieving residue w/%7570/
1.18mm sieving residue w/%2//

Applications of Soda Ash

As one of the important basic chemical raw materials, soda ash can be widely used in light industry daily chemical, building materials, chemical industry, food industry, metallurgy, textile, petroleum, national defense, medicine and other fields, and can also be used as a raw material for the manufacture of other chemicals, cleaning agent, detergent, also used in photography and analysis fields.

1. The glass industry is the largest consumption source of soda ash, which is mainly used in the manufacture of float glass, picture tube glass, optical glass, etc.

2. In the metallurgical industry, sodium carbonate can be used as smelting flux and flotation agent for ore dressing, and as a desulfurizer in steelmaking and antimony smelting.

3. Used as water softener in printing and dyeing industry.

4. Used as detergent for wool rinsing, bath salt and medicine, and alkaline agent in tanning leather.

5. In food industry, soda ash can be used as a neutralizer and leavening agent, such as in the manufacture of amino acids, soy sauce and flour-based foods such as steamed buns and bread. It can also be made into alkaline water and added to pasta to increase elasticity and extensibility. Soda ash for sale can also be used in the production of monosodium glutamate.

6. Used in the pharmaceutical industry as antacids and osmotic laxatives.

7. In the tanning industry, soda ash is used for degreasing raw hides, neutralizing chrome tanned leather and increasing the alkalinity of chrome liquid.

8. It is used for chemical and electrochemical degreasing, chemical copper plating, aluminum etching, electropolishing of aluminum and alloys, chemical oxidation of aluminum, sealing after phosphating, rust prevention between processes, electrolytic stripping of chromium plating and Remove chromium oxide film, etc., also used in pre-plating copper, steel plating, steel alloy plating electrolyte.

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