• Product Name: Sodium Lignosulfonate
  • Appearance: Yellow Brown Powder
  • Lignosulphonate %: 60 min
  • Dry Matter % : 92 min
  • PH Value: 7.5~10.5
  • HS Code: 2917111000
  • CAS No.: 8061-51-6
  • Molecular Formula: C20H24Na2O10S2

Sodium lignosulfonate is an organic substance with the chemical formula C20H24Na2O10S2. It is a polydisperse and inhomogeneous anionic polyelectrolyte with different molecular weights and structures. Its appearance is light brown, free-flowing powder with no special odor. It is hygroscopic, easily soluble in water and alkali, precipitates when exposed to acid, and has strong dispersing ability. Its aqueous solution is brown to black and has colloidal properties. Of course, sodium lignosulphonate has a wide range of applications, such as feed processing, mining, oil drilling, pesticides, rubber, printing and dyeing, leather, and cement and concrete production.

The Role of Sodium Lignosulfonate in Concrete

Due to sodium lignosulfonate in concrete has good working performance, so it mainly plays the role of water reduction, retardation and air entrainment in concrete. It can significantly improve the plasticity and fluidity of concrete, making concrete easier to construct and pour. During the concrete construction process, more fluid concrete can better fill the voids in the formwork, thereby reducing the shortening and deformation of the concrete. In addition, sodium lignosulfonate can also improve the compressive strength and durability of concrete, reduce the heat of hydration, and reduce shrinkage and cracking.

Moreover, sodium lignosulfonate for concrete also has many advantages such as environmental protection, low price, and good economic benefits. Therefore, sodium lignosulfonate always plays an increasingly important role in the field of concrete admixtures.

ItemsSodium Lignosulfonate
AppearanceYellow Brown Powder
Dry Matter %92 min
Lignosulphonate %60 min
Moisture %7 max
Water-insoluble matter %0.5 max
Sulfate (as Na2SO4) %4 max
PH Value7.5-10.5
Content of Ca and Mg %0.4 max
Total reducing matter %4 max
Content of Fe %0.1 max
PackingNet 25kg PP bags; 550kg jumbo bags

Applications of Sodium Lignosulphonate Powder

  • Concrete water reducing agent. Sodium lignosulfonate is an anionic surface active substance, so it has adsorption and dispersion effects on cement and can improve the physical properties of concrete. Generally, it can reduce water consumption by more than 13%, improve the workability of concrete, and significantly reduce the initial hydration heat of cement hydration. It can also be compounded into early strength agent, retardant, antifreeze, pumping agent, etc.
  • Coal water slurry additive. Adding this product during the preparation of coal-water slurry can not only increase the output of the high-speed mill, maintain the normal condition of the pulping system, reduce the power consumption of pulping, and increase the concentration of coal-water slurry. And during the gasification process, oxygen consumption and coal consumption are reduced, and the cold gas efficiency is improved, which can reduce the viscosity of the coal-water slurry, thereby achieving stability and fluidity.
  • Fillers and dispersants. When used as a dispersant and filler for vat dyes and disperse dyes, it can increase the color strength of the dye, make the coloring more uniform, and shorten the dye grinding time; It can be used as a filler, dispersant and suspending agent in pesticide processing, greatly improving the Suspension rate and wetting properties of wettable powders.
  • Enhancers. In the manufacturing process of large-size wall and floor tiles and refractory bricks, the raw material particles of the green brick can be firmly bonded, which can increase the strength of the dry brick by more than 20% to 60%.
  • Drilling oil. It can improve the fluidity in crude oil transportation and reduce energy consumption. In petroleum products, it can be used as a detergent, dispersant, highly alkaline additive, rust inhibitor, antistatic agent, emulsifying viscosity reducer, wax elimination and anti-wax agent, etc.
  • Binder. Used for briquetting of iron ore powder, lead-zinc ore powder, pulverized coal, and coke powder; for pressing cast iron and cast steel sand molds; for extruding mud brick wall and floor tiles, etc.

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