Fengbai Water Treatment Chemicals
A Vietnamese customer discovered our company from the customs data. After a preliminary understanding, he was ready to start a water treatment chemicals business, but he didn’t know much about […]
Lotrene HDPE Q5502
There was a customer from Pakistan who was a high-quality plastic bottles supplier. And he wanted to purchase Lotrene HDPE Q5502 resin (about 25.5MT) for making small hollow bottles. Compared […]
Detergent Trial Order From An African Customer
This year, an African customer who wanted to buy SLES 70% and LABSA 96%, but he was very worried about the quality. This was because he had bought detergent raw […]
Glacial Acetic Acid to Lebanon
A few months ago, a Lebanese customer ordered one container of glacial acetic acid from our company. At first, the customer was not sure whether to place an order with […]